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Guidelines for Finding the Best Telephone System for Your Company

A good telephone system is one of the basic requirements of running a successful business. However, maintaining relevance by updating telephone systems is sometimes a tall order for many businesses. Choosing a new telephone system to replace the old one usually requires deliberate thought and careful planning. The following are the basic factors to consider when making such a purchase.

The Favoured System Producer
Most businesses prefer upgrading their phone system with a newer version from the same manufacturer. This method has certain advantages. For starters, your employees won’t be required retraining to learn the operation of the new system since it’s just a newer version of the old system. The implication of this is that you will end up saving the time that would have been used for training in case you had gone for a totally new system. Some telephone system upgrades can offer compatibility with the older as well as newer versions of devices. These types of compatibility ensures that some old telephone devices can work on the new system, eliminating the possibility of throwing them away and incurring significant losses.

System Size
Different business enterprises make use of different telephone system sizes which are determined by their needs. Shopping for a telephone system should then only come after a careful evaluation of the needs of the business firm in terms of size Telephone size refers to two aspects: extensions and phone lines. The devices that plug into the system are known as extensions and each employee usually needs one of these. The connection between the telephone system and the outside world is referred to as the line. Every line carries about two or three extensions.

Features of the System
This refers to functions that a telephone system can perform. The telephone system should have the inbuilt capacity to carry out the intended tasks without requiring many additional components. Voicemail and caller ID as well as call rerouting are some of the basic features to look for in a phone system.

You should ensure that the telephone system is as reliable as possible to avoid disruption of communication. Some of the more recent phone systems are normally very unreliable, although they normally come with extra installed features. It is advisable to use a hybrid system for businesses that do not rely heavily on phone calls as their principal mode of communication. It is however recommended that you go for the more traditional phone systems if your firm relies solely on such to conduct business. Such systems have been found to be more consistent in operation in comparison to the more recent hybrid systems.

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